Simon Lee


Simon Lee

Chief Designer and CoFounder at Incubio

I’m a creative designer specialized in envisioning, conceptualizing and executing new products and services with a strong technology background always targeting end users. Driven by technology, I am always pursuing the sense of technical improvements and how these affect human interactions. I worked in the award winning Spanish mobile game developer Digital Legends Entertainment (Top100 Most Innovative European Company in 2012 by RedHerring) as Chief Design Officer. I’ve been working in the mobile industry for 14 years.

I consider myself a natural working enabler amongst multidisciplinary team members. I work while inspiring and evangelizing them with not only high level vision but at the same time ensuring to accomplish technical feasibility. These steps deliver not only innovative user centered design but also full fill client’s milestones dates by pivoting in an always changing environment.

After my stage in the H2i Institute, (an innovation school for Post-graduates from DesignIt a international strategic design consultancy) I learnt that innovation can be a process and not only a matter of vague inspiration. Furthermore, I learnt that innovation is about trying to be comfortable in an uncomfortable environment and how to collaborate with users from different disciplines, backgrounds and attitudes towards a better product/service definition. But maybe the most important thing I realized was that that the knowledge I gained by creating and designing a video games is helpful to apply game dynamics to consumer services and products. The video games industry is a truly technical, design and business tractor that pushes and inspires other industries.

Now i’m focused on new way of working and designing products, by changing the classical client-to-provider to a partner-to-partner relationship through INCUBIO, as co-founder and managing director.

Por qué KSchool


Desde que nacimos en 2011 en KSchool han pasado miles de alumnos, cientos de ediciones y decenas de programas, que nos dan la experiencia necesaria para tener los mejores cursos.


No nos gusta la “titulitis”, pero lo cierto es que estudiar en KSchool abre puertas. Nuestros alumnos son los mejores preparados, y las empresas lo saben


Fomentamos el networking entre profesionales digitales: profesores, alumnos, amigos de la casa…. KSchool es una red de expertos digitales en constante crecimiento.


Siempre a la vanguardia del sector, tenemos los cursos más punteros. Programas siempre actualizados con las últimas tecnologías y en base a las necesidades de las empresas


Somos la escuela con mayor índice de empleabilidad. ¡94% de alumnos trabajando! Gracias a KSchool Empleo, encontrar un nuevo trabajo en el sector digital será más fácil que nunca.